About JDSF

●The Founding and Mission of JDSF

In recent years, the rapid growth of the Internet and intranets, the advent of ever faster CPUs, and the appearance of low-cost memory have touched off a data explosion. But data volume has not merely increased. Rather, stored data is now much more important to any enterprise, and users want data storage products that can manage enormous volumes of essential data reliably and speedily. Today, if information is the lifeblood of business, then data storage is its heart.

To meet these requirements, cutting-edge technology is now being deployed in data storage products. However, technical advantages may not be fully realized if systems are not configured to support them adequately. We believe that customer problems can be resolved by properly configuring the most advanced data storage products.

For this reason we founded the JDSF (Japan Data Storage Forum) with the objectives of increasing the level of data storage systems integration and also developing markets for the data storage industry.


●Excerpts of JDSF Organization By-Laws F

JDSF is an open voluntary membership organization lead by private sector enterprises. Its membership consists of corporations that endorse its goals.

・The Forum shall establish an administrative office and locate it within the offices of Japan Network Storage Laboratry,Inc.
・A board of governors shall be formed for the purpose of conducting the business operations of the Forum. Its members shall be the same as the members of the founding committee that prepared for the establishment of the Forum. (details noted elsewhere)
・There shall be three membership categories: general, sponsoring, and associate. (details noted elsewhere)
・Major decisions such as determining the Forum's overall mission and electing officers shall be made at general membership meetings.


Chairman Takatsuna Chikaraishi
Sub-Chairman Tsuneo Takagi
Director Shigeki Muratake
  Kinya Saito
  Masataka Ochiai
Honorary Chairman Shinya Miyasaka
Auditor Satoshi Murakata
Advisor Masakatsu Morii
  Nobuhiro Kobayashi

Chairmanship: NEC Corporation (term: 2 years)
ViceChairmanship : UNIADEX, Ltd. (term: 2 years)