About FCIA-Japan


FCIA (Fibre Channel Industry Association) is a non-profit international organization of manufacturers, system integrators, developers, vendors, industry professionals and end users. The FCIA is committed to delivering a broad base of Fibre Channel infrastructure technology to support a data storage, video, networking and SAN (Storage Area networking) management. FCIA-Japan is also the non-profit organization of JDSF (Japan Data Storage Forum) and acts in cooperation with FCIA. Recently, new storage technology such as FCoE (Fiber Channel over Ethernet) in addition to Fiber Channel is spreading. FCIA-Japan sends new information on SAN based on new technology.


A purpose is to contribute to development of SAN market through the standardization of the technological specification, providing of new technology and product information based on Fiber Channel.

●Content of Activity

It sends new technical and product information through the seminar and the exhibition as follows. Especially, FCIA-Japan are concentrating on the improvement of the technological level of the engineer who is related to SAN, the storage interface and others by the seminar. FCIA-Japan appeal the activity of FCIA in Japan. Also, share new information obtained from FCIA among each FCIA-Japan member.

a. Seminar:
・ Seminar for JDSF member:   FCoE, SAN Virtualization, SSD and others
・ Seminar for JDSF nonmember:   Storage Seminar at JDSF Data Storage World

b. Exhibition:
・ Data Storage Expo
・ ITPro Expo